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 and currently under construction.   and currently under construction.  
-The [[|original ILDIS web-site]] is still available,  +The [[|original ILDIS web-site]] will remain available for some time,  
-and pages will gradually be transferred to this wiki.   +and some pages will gradually be transferred to this wiki.   
-You can continue to bookmark ''''+Other pages will be identified as part of an archive,  
 +which will be preserved as a historical record,  
 +and will not be updated.   
 +I will endeavour to ensure that the main URLs do not change,  
 +so that you can continue to bookmark  
 +  * ''[[]]''   
 +  * ''[[]]''  
 Please let me know of any problems ([[|Richard White]]).   Please let me know of any problems ([[|Richard White]]).  
 +===== References =====
 +  * [[pub:]]
 +Roskov Y.R., Bisby F.A., Zarucchi J.L., Schrire B.D. & White R.J. (eds.)  
 +//ILDIS World Database of Legumes:  draft checklist, version 10// 
 +[published June 2006, but CD shows November 2005 date].  
 +ILDIS, Reading, UK, 2006 
 +[CD-Rom:  ISBN 0 7049 1248 1]\\
 +(also available here at
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