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Notes (primarily for the Anne Bruneau legume history MS)


According to Peter Brewer's PhD project first year report (November 2001), ILDIS (Bisby et al. 2000, 2001) began in 1985 (Zarucchi et al., 1993) and was (at version 5 in 2001) “nearing completion”.

The 5th ILDIS Workshop was held at Reading (17-18 November 2005) immediately following the 7th UK Legume Workshop held at Kew (15 November 2005).


ILDIS was was of the first two or three(?) GSDs contributing to the Species 2000 Catalogue of Life.

Burnett J., IOPI: genesis of GPSIS? In: Bisby, F.A., Russell, G.F. & Pankhurst, R.J., eds., Designs for a Global Plant Species Information System, Oxford University Press, 1994, 334-342 (IOPI could be viewed as a step between ILDIS and CoL.) [book at 8SG]

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