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List of names matching "Hymenocarpos circinnatus"
Status Name
accepted Hymenocarpos circinnatus (L.) Savi

There is one name matching your enquiry.

Hymenocarpos circinnatus

Accepted name

Hymenocarpos circinnatus (L.) Savi1, 2, 3


Hymenocarpos nummularius (DC.) G. Don1


Tribe: Loteae;  Genus: Hymenocarpos

Vernacular names

Spanish Medick4


Annual non-climbing herb;  not threatened



Geographical records

Africa:   Algeria(N)1, Egypt(N)1, Libya(N)1, Tunisia(N)1

Asia4, 5:   Iran(N)5, Iraq(N)4

Europe1, 6:   Albania(N)2, Bulgaria(N)2, Corsica(N)2, Crete(N)2, former Yugoslavia(N)2, France-F.E.(N)2, Greece(N)2, Italy-F.E.(N)2, Malta(N)1, Sardinia(N)2, Sicily(N)1, 6, Spain(N)1, Turkey in Europe(N)2

Middle East1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11:   Cyprus(N)1, East Aegean Is (Greek)(N)1, Israel(N)10, 11, Jordan(N)11, Kuwait(N)4, 10, Lebanon(N)4, 10, Qatar(N)8, 10, Saudi Arabia(N)7, 9, Sinai(N)1, 10, Syria(N)4, Turkey in Asia(N)1

(N = native, I = introduced, U = uncertain status)

Habitats (for Africa only)

Mediterranean grasslands12; Mediterranean/Sahara regional transition zone; grassland12; Mediterranean/Sahara regional transition zone; grassland1

Literature citations

Description4, 12, 13, 14;  Illustration4, 12, 13, 14, 15


1993 Adams BR;     Coordinator: 2001-03 Sokoloff DD


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